Alert: Canadian judge order family to STOP homeschooling!

“The following email from Mike Smith, president of HSLDA, was sent to state leaders for distrubuting to support groups.  Please read.  If you can help with monetary support, go for it.  Otherwise, please PRAY for the family involved and for home education freedoms.  Also, feel free to forward to other groups and individuals.”
I received an alert from Paul Faris, President of HSLDA of Canada<>, our sister organization, about what may one of the most overreaching decisions in the history of homeschooling and parental rights cases. (See HSLDA’s press release<>.) The decision was recently handed down by a judge in Quebec, Canada.  The family involved has been ordered to stop homeschooling and to send their children to a public school.   This is shocking enough, especially in light of the fact that the Judge refused to hear expert witness testimony about why the children should be homeschooled rather than attend public school. And the worst part of the decision is that the two youngest children in the family, who are not yet subject to compulsory attendance, were ordered to attend daycare and kindergarten for socialization reasons
This is not Germany or Sweden, this is our neighbor to the north. This homeschool family is comprised of our brother and sisters, and we must rally to attempt to reverse this decision. HSLDA of Canada is appealing the case but needs substantial funding to do so. I am requesting any financial help you can provide so our fellow homeschoolers in Canada can be relieved of the precedent set by this dangerous case.  If you would forward this email to your constituents with a request for support to overturn this decision, I would greatly appreciate it. Paul Faris’s alert includes a link to a donation page. However, gifts to the CCHE (Canadian Centre for Home Education) are not tax-deductible. You can make a tax-deductible gift to the Home School Foundation’s International Fund<> to support this family and others like them.
Thank you for all you are doing to advance the freedom to homeschool. This decision is a giant step backwards in our march for freedom for parents to choose homeschooling for their family, and we want to do everything possible to prevent it from becoming permanent.
God bless,
Mike Smith, President

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