Switched on Schoolhouse script error tips and discounts!!

An update to a previous post regarding Switched on Schoolhouse, I recently upgraded my oldest child’s software to 2006 from 2004 version.  The installation went a lot smoother than the 2004 one but once we started the schoolwork whenever my daughter would type in an answer this error would pop up:
I have the 2006 Switched on Schoolhouse. I am trying to run this program
but get a script error when typing answers into the box:

“an error has occurred in the script on this page”
Line: 767
Char: 1
Error: access is denied
Code: 0
URL: about: blank

at the bottom it asks if “you want to continue running scripts on this page”
If you click yes or no, it just comes back when you try to type something.

I have read that this is a problem with Internet Explorer 8, we have removed
IE8 and went to IE7, disable script bugging and continue to have the same
problem. I have uninstalled SOS and re-installed after these changes with
the same problem.

It worked for awhile by reverting back to IE6 and we thought that it had solved the problem, well, we were wrong a couple of days later we got the same error again and it would not let her make any changes in her student account such as themes, messages, etc. When she changed the theme it deleted her account and showed an x in the top corner.  I ended adding her again and everything popped again.

We spent several hours trying to fix the problem when I found a SOS Yahoo support group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SOShomeschool/) on AOP website and joined them.  I was delighted to find out that instead of having to invest another $300 in upgraded software that we could purchase a 2011 elective from AOP and it will upgrade all previous versions to 2011 allowing it to work.  This group also offers revisions and patches that are no longer available to you on Alpha Omega Publication’s website.

This was the advice given to me from the group:

It’s the application that contains the problem. If you upgrade to 2011 by
purchasing an elective, you will no longer encounter the script error and
you can still run your 2006 subjects on the 2011 application!
You will not only get rid of the script error, you will also have all the
new bells and whistles of the 2011 AND your 2006 subjects will have the 4
new Arcade games for vocabulary!
You will have to uninstall the 2006 application then Install the new 2011
installation disk.
If you have student work in the 2006 application, Be sure to BACKUP your
work before unistalling 2006 and installing 2001.
Sadly the 2011 will not auto merge your 2006 database, but if you call Tech
Support they should be able to use a special utility to merger your old
database into a usuable 2011 database so your student can continue working
from where they were while using the 2006 program.

Right now you can get a 2011 edition elective on sale for $29.71 (Story of
Constitution) –
Higher than some of the others. The average for most is about $44.16″

AOP is offering discounts on their curriculum until the end of May!  I highly recommend upgrading your curriculum via an elective.  The member who offered this advice is using 2003 and 2004 versions.


19 thoughts on “Switched on Schoolhouse script error tips and discounts!!

    1. Yes, when you purchase a 2011 elective course it will come with an installation disc. Once you have loaded the new installation disc, all you need to do is to add the subjects. It will install 2011 and earlier versions. When I tried running my 2004 on an XP computer I continued to have difficulty until I joined the SOS support group and was told that due to new updates my computer would not get past the script error messages. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Hope this helps!


  1. I have applied to join this group bc my son still can’t use his SOS programs bc of the error messages but they haven’t accepted me yet. Is there somewhere else I can go to download these files??


    1. I wasn’t able to find another place to download files. Let me see if I can try and help you. If you are getting a script error when you type in the box and you have to keep clicking ok, enter, or something else then what will be recommended is to upgrade your software via a 2011 elective. You can purchase an elective from SOS for about $52 or you can go through ebay. JUST MAKE SURE THE DISK YOU BUY IS BRAND NEW!! The 2011 disc will fix the Internet Explorer problem that is causing this. Once you install the 2011 elective you can then install your curriculum software and it will run your older software will all the new bells and whistles of 2011 without the $400 cost. The 2011 elective will run all older curriculum versions from 2003-2011. You will not need to load the installation disc from your curriculum software, just the new disc.

      We wiped my oldest daughters computer, took her down from Windows 7 to XP, and even considered taking her Win 98 or 2000 trying to get her computer to run the software. Then we discovered it was the Internet Explorer problem but with the new updates many people are having the same problem.

      Hope this helps!


  2. Is this still possible to do with 2012 elective? I am trying to run a 2006 version of SOS and getting the script error on a Windows XP and a Windows 7 computer. Could I purchase the Story of Constitution elective for 2012 and have it update the same way? Thanks!


    1. Yes, I am sorry for the delay on replying. Once you purchase and install the 2012 you will no longer get the script error as the problem is in the older browsers. I originally tried taking me Operating Systems back to older versions such as XP or even 98 if need be and could not get it to work. The 2012 will upgrade all your older versions and make them run properly. We just recently purchased the Essentials of Speech and everything is running great! 🙂


  3. Hello, home4schooling! I can’t thank you enough for posting this…. it will be fantastic to be able to fix this problem, finally! You said it had to be a NEW disc… are you saying buying a used 2011 or 2012 elective won’t work? Why is that?
    Thank you!


    1. Hi Sherri,
      Sorry for the delay in reply. The reason you have to buy a NEW installation disc is that once a person has installed and REGISTERED SOS software with Alpha Omega the only option they have left is to GIVE the installation disc (it is against the software licensing agreement to sell it), away one time. Once it has been registered at least by two different people (is my understanding) the software can no longer be used as after 30 days you will be locked out. With all the updates and changes to the Operating Systems and Internet Explorer browsers (i.e. Windows 8) the old software will no longer work properly.

      Another point to mention, is that by buying a NEW installation disc you have no questions as to whether the software has been registered more than the allotted times, nor will you have problems with outdated browsers and operating systems.

      Hope this helps


  4. Thanks, again, for this information. My sister was finally able to get our old disks to work with a new elective. We are incredibly grateful for a beautifully simple ending of this problem that has been such an incredible chore to try to fix.


    1. If the 2012 placement test comes with an application disc to run I think it will, but if it does not then it won’t. I’m thinking that it doesn’t because what you need to run the internet explorer correctly (for the questions) is the program that is on the application disc. I’m sorry for the delay in response!!


  5. Hi, home4schooling. I am another one that keeps getting the script error pop-up. So frustrating! Thanks for this information. I’m hoping you can clarify this for me: I bought used SOS curriculum (which I didn’t know was against the licensing agreement) It is 7th grade 2007, 8th grade 2006, 9th grade 2007, and 10th grade 2008. I haven’t installed the 2008 version yet, but did install the 7th grade and 9th grade 2007 version. I haven’t been successful in registering them. I am getting the script error messages just as you described. Are you saying that if I buy a 2011 or 2012 elective, I can install all of these on it and it will fix the problem because you register the elective and that makes the others void of having to register them once you place them with the elective? I hope my question is clear. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


    1. Yes, that is what I am saying. Once the application disc has been registered/used you can only install them one more time. Since you have various version (i.e. 2006-2008) you would have to install the latest version, 2008, in order for the older versions to run. I bought my 7th grade version which is 2004 new but started having problems with script errors when the Internet Explorer browser was updated which is what the software uses to run the questions.

      If you purchase the latest elective 2012 or 2013 you will load the application disc from the elective and then install the older versions which will then run correctly. I do know of some people who are able to run 2003 on up with no problems as long as they have a new elective.

      If you have any more questions, please let me know.


  6. Thank you so much! I’ve been dealing with this problem for awhile. Really praying that this will finally be the solution we’ve been looking for!! Has anyone had issues with this fix when they add the installation disc to more than one computer in the same family/household, though?


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