20% Discount on AOP products 7/20/12

We’re closing down our business but we’re doing one last 20% off retail sale
for all of the Alpha Omega Curriculum!

I’ve always done the 21st of Jan and July for these sales but that happens
to be a Saturday this year so we’re bumping it up a day and doing it
tomorrow instead.

Email me what you’d like and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice that reflects
20% off retail and free shipping for all orders over $130.

I do work that day at my job so email is best, but you can call if it’s
after 5pm central time: 763-757-5502

We’re celebrating our daughter’s 14th birthday today so I won’t be near my
computer until later tonight but feel free to tell me what you need today
and I will process it all for the sale.

The waterpark is calling…

(`’·.¸(`’·.¸-:¦:-¸.·’ ´)¸.·’´)
-:¦:-··..-:¦:-* ~ Audrey ~ *-:¦:-..··-:¦:-


Avant-Garde Enterprises, Inc


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