Reduced price until June 30th on “The Complete Girls Guide to Home Skills”

For anyone who may be interested in purchasing this book.  This offer will only be good until June 30th, 2013.  This books would be a great addition for your Home Economics course and includes topics such as: housecleaning, homemade cleaning supplies, meal planning, menu cards, hygiene, hospitality, etc.


Dear Friends,

Well, as we promised yesterday, here is your chance to get one of the most popular volumes from THE HOME MAKER’S MENTOR at a sweet “early bird” introductory price!

If you’ve got daughters of ANY age in your home, you really need to take a look at this. In fact, YOU might need this too.


It is just wonderful. Take a look:

Please feelfree to share this link with any of your friends who have young daughters, even if they don’t homeschool.
This treasure really belongs in EVERY household.

Download the PDF sampler and see for yourself at:

Your Friends,

The Erskine Family (returning July 8th!) (coming soon!)


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