Recommended movie, book, and other information about common core

It was recommended by those in my homeschool group to see a movie called “IndoctriNation” with Colin Gunn.  I understand that this movie “may” be available at most libraries or can be requested if they do not carry it.  Here are some more resources for groups or organizations regarding the new “common core” requirements.

Parents/educstord against common core

Also a good website is

Theeducationalfreedomcoalition – They list what curriculums are adapting to it

Also a recommended book to read regarding “Common Core“, this is suggested from a friend:

I have been reading a book called FedEd (The New Federal Curriculum and How It’s Enforced) by Allen Quist. Has anyone read this book?  It was publish in 2002. Here are some excerpts:
The new Federal Curriculum is a politicized curriculum. Every curriculum theme in the new system of education involves political action and/or governmental restructuring. The civics and government curriculum forms the core curriculum of the entire new Federal Curriculum. Since the 1994 law, HR6, gave the Center of Civics Education (CCE) the authority to determine the national standards in civics and government.
The new textbooks and tests dealing with language arts contain large numbers of selections that are included for the purpose of teaching civics and government.
What is “civics education”? Stated Simply, civics education is education in citizenship. That is, civics deals with the relationship between citizens and government. When we evaluate the new Federal Curriculum in “civics and government,” then, we are studying those themes that are related to government in the United States and how we, as citizens, should be supporting or changing our government. The Issues of this book (FedEd) are (1) whether civics and government should be central to the entire curriculum of our schools, (2) whether the curriculum should consist of certain themes instead of academic disciplines, (3) whether the federal government should be dictating the content of this curriculum, (4) whether on NGO should have the sole authority to write this curriculum, (5) whether the content of this curriculum is defensible, and (6) how this new curriculum is being implemented.
The new Federal Curriculum has been developed to dramatically change all of American society, especially American government. It has been stated, the new Federal Curriculum is all about restructuring America. The agenda is not primarily educational, it is primarily ideological and political.
The new Federal Curriculum is to mold our children into supporters of a new system of government. Doing so requires that our children be indoctrinated into a worldview that leads to this new form of government.
On page 28 of the book, it talks about how the Federal Curriculum has no interest in informing students about the Second Amendment.
On page 32 of the book, it talks about the world wide environmental compact known as Agenda 21. It states that the media is to mobilize their experience in shaping public behavior. In other words, the media is now engaged in propaganda, not objective information. The media are now to support the new Federal Curriculum.
On page 37: The new education system has always said that it would encompass all students, including private school and home school students. On page 39, if private school and home school students are not taught the new curriculum, they will be at a substantial disadvantage when taking the important tests. The superior performance by non-public school students will come to an end because all test will be redesigned to measure only what students have learned as specified by state standards. These state standards, in turn, are closely tied to the new Federal Curriculum. The system is structured to screen out any students who have not been schooled in the new Federal Curriculum.
Is it just me or does this New Curriculum sound like it is coming from Adolf Hitler. Is this history repeating itself? Didn’t Hitler do this to the German youth. This sounds very similar to meCould home schooling soon be outlawed? I believe this Common Core is a threat to home schooling. We need to take a stand!
Here is the link to the book. I think it is under $4.
Check out this website too:




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