Important safety reminder from Families for Home Education!

Dear FHE members and friends,

FHE Reminder: It is summer and there are more door-to-door sales people, etc. FHE advises homeschool families to use extreme caution when talking with alleged information seekers, whether they present themselves as sales people, social workers, school personnel or even law enforcement, whether on the phone or at the door. Always ask for ID &/or business cards, (and a warrant if law enforcement or social worker); if it seems safe to do so, walk out and write down their license plate number, car make & model, color, etc., plus photos with your cell phone if possible. Write down immediately any physical description of the individual(s). If they have a card with office contact information, call it, and if possible “google” it as well (anyone can print a business card, there is no legal requirement for business cards.) Then, only share what information YOU feel comfortable giving AFTER having done your due diligence. If you begin to feel uncomfortable as the conversation progresses, cut it off immediately and tell the person to vacate your property. Call law enforcement regardless for non-law enforcement contacts (sales people, etc.) if they exhibit any questionable behavior, as it may take several reports before legal action is initiated (public warnings or increased police patrols), and it is better to log a report that is not needed than to fail to do so and learn later you should have. In the past FHE has been contacted by homeschool parents who have started answering questions that seemed innocuous, and then the questions devolved into inappropriate probing. Legitimate law enforcement and sales people are not offended by citizens demonstrating proper caution.


The Families for Home Education Board



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