Homeschool Exempt from New Vaccination Law

“If you haven’t heard, this was the latest news on the vaccination law and it’s affects in California, although you may not reside in California many times they will “bleed” and become standards in the state you are living in.”  

Homeschools Exempt from New Vaccination Law

Homeschooling in California.

HSLDA stands ready to protect your group members.

HSLDA PresidentMike Smith has been an advocate for homeschooling for more than 30 years.

Dear Group Leaders:

As you probably know by now, parental rights suffered a major setback yesterday when Governor Brown signed into law the mandatory vaccination bill that eliminated the personal beliefs exemption.

The only exemption left for the majority of the people in California is the medical exemption which is like not having any exemption at all. However, the good news is home-based private schools (homeschools) are excluded from this requirement as well as public school independent study programs that do not offer classroom-based instruction.

The classroom-based instruction limitation only applies to the public school independent study programs. If you run a PSP, you can continue operating the way you have. The law does not go into effect until the 2016–17 school year.

We are very concerned about the direction California is going, but G-d intervened at this time to protect homeschooling. It is a privilege to serve you at HSLDA, and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Mike Smith

Mike Smith

President, HSLDA


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