Is now the time to homeschool?

I want to start off this post by congratulating all you parents who have made the monumental decision to educate your children on your own!  It may seem daunting and overwhelming but I encourage you to continue your endeavors for the sake and well being of your children.

Now more than ever, there is a great push to educate your children into the new way of thinking and reasoning that may not align to your standards, values and morals. Since school let out a few months ago, many things have changed and more is probably coming up as the school year commences.

A video by a friend of ours revealed that a law was passed for all gender bathrooms, which means you are allowed to use whatever restroom you feel inclined to.  There has also been news releases that Satanic cult clubs are coming to schools near you.  Another release has been the craze of Pokemon Go, which teaches children to hunt and capture little demonic creatures that show up on your phone, all the while explaining how these things are innocent and ways to increase tolerance.

Parents, it seems that schools have very little interest in educating your children with the basic academia that will allow them to be successful in the workforce.  I strongly encourage you to teach your children the absolute basics knowing that there will be much opposition for not following the majority.

I was overwhelmed at first but did manage to find curriculum that taught the basic academic skills and more.  You may find that what is available now has been changed to the new rationalization process, therefore, I would suggest making your own program or using another biblically based curriculum available online. Here is the link to the curriculum we used: If you have any questions or information about specific curriculum, please comment below!

In addition to a basic home school curriculum, it is important to have a social outlet for your children as well. Spending time at home school co-ops, youth groups and with like-minded friends/family are great opportunities for your children to interact and learn key social skills.

Also, if you haven’t signed up with Home School Legal Defense Association, I would encourage you to do that as well. They will defend your rights to home-school, and walk you through any problems that arise.

You may also find a local home school group in your area for support and activities with other families.

Enjoy your school year!


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