Should you homeschool?

Another school year has started and for many the choice might be to just send your child to school and not deal with the hassle of perusing through curriculum choices, work schedules, time management, etc., to decide the best option for schooling your children. There are so many options to pick from so the easiest solution may be to forgo the task.

I am pleading with parents reading this blog to really pray and consider your decision to NOT be a part of your child’s academic and social instructions.  When our children were little my husband and I made the decision that we would always be a part of our children’s life and not send them off to others for care and education.

Many of the teachings being done in schools are no longer about getting the best education that you need but to indoctrinate the upcoming generation to the new social norms. This is becoming evident in the new “common core” restrictions and and what is “allowed” to be taught to your children. Did certain events in history really happen or were they just grand elusions?

I am enclosing an article for those who did not see it on my social media page. There are many tax breaks and grant money that the schools obtain when they are aware of how many children are in your area, even if your children do not attend the school as long as they know about them and you dutifully report to the school your information they receive the money. If you do comply with the requests there shouldn’t be any problems right?  Wrong…..

I hope that although the decision might be hard to make, that the efforts are definitely worth it.  I have used workbooks, put together my own curriculum to now I use a curriculum software called “Switched on Schoolhouse”.  All schoolwork has been made up and can be easily graded but as the Teacher I can put in another curriculum if I want to or take out materials that are repeats.

Overall homeschooling your child is a very rewarding job! You know that your children are getting the best education that you can give them without compromising your moral, religious and social beliefs.  If you do end up complying or even over-complying with the schools in your area to provide information that has not been requested then the likelihood of more involvement and dictation on what you can/can not teach your children will become the norm.  For example: the law which passed stating that if you receive government assistance with programs then they at a later time can dictate what your lessons plans involve and punish those who are teaching academics beyond their permission.

For many centuries parents have educated their children.  You are capable and smart enough to educate your child, don’t believe in the lies that you lack the necessary tools to be a homeschooling parent.

Have a great school year!