Some things I learned in homeschool my children!!

I have recently had the intense privilege in my state to home-school my children through high school.  The last child to complete her studies is now starting the entrance for the upcoming college courses.  There are several things that I have learned over the years in this endeavor:

  1. Join the local homeschooling group for activities and support
  2. I highly recommend joining the HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association)
  3. Make sure to KNOW for your state regarding how many hours and curriculum that your state requires for completing work.
  4. You do not have to resort to the GED for your child to graduate their studies.
  5. Be a part of the lobbying groups for your state
  6. Not all curriculum is beneficial for each child, you may need to adjust your curriculum to suite each child’s academic needs.
  7. Homeschooling does NOT mean that your child needs to sit indoors all day working at a desk in order to be considered homeschooling.  Hours and studies can be adjusted to your family’s needs.

    I am so glad to that my husband and I decided to home-school our children.  They have turned out to be very wise individuals who are knowledgeable and social.  We have been able to schedule our schooling to our families needs and still come out strong.

    In light of the recent activities going on in the public school systems that are against our beliefs and moral standards I STRONGLY recommend homeschooling your children.  If you are concerned about your educational abilities just remember there are MANY resources available now for parents to assist you in your “classroom”.   If you wish to delve into a subject in more depth than what the public system would do you have that option.

    Stay tuned as we start a series on beginning the home-school process for your school-age children.