Missouri Residents Call to Action!!!

All Missouri residents please be aware!!!:

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 – Call your Missouri State Representative:

 Action Needed: Call your Missouri state representative asking him/her to oppose HB 2336, Show Me Good Grades Act, sponsored by Representative Joshua Peters.

Look up your Representative: http://www.house.mo.gov/legislatorlookup.aspx

Bill Activity History – HB 2336

1/21/16 Introduced and Read First Time

1/25/16 Read Second Time

2/10/16 referred to Special Committee on Urban Issues (H)

2/15/16 Special Committee on Urban Issues – Did not hear

2/22/16 –Special Committee on Urban Issues –  Hearing scheduled for Monday, February 22nd

HB 2336, Show Me Good Grades would give the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) authority over all Missouri students applying for a Missouri driver license by setting grade qualifications which would be required in order for a 15-18 year old student to apply for an operator’s license or permit.

This would put home schoolers in a precarious position. DESE’s authority should remain limited to public education only. They should not be granted authority or control over nonpublic students or who can have driving privileges.


Al and Sheryl Schmidt for the FHE Board

More Proposed Control of homeschooling or a good cause?

This was brought to my attention recently.  Please read and be aware of proposed changes that could go into effect, if passed !!

Cruz legislation Attacks Home Schooling – In Lockstep With United Nations One World Education!

Senator Cruz is at it again saying one thing and pushing a secret agenda. This time it involves you and your kids. His Proposed Bill, S306 “Enhancing Educational Opportunities for all Students Act” offers what is called Title 1 Money to all parents who home school. What he isn’t telling you is – all Title 1 Money comes with a string attached….that string is Federal Control over your choice in how your child is educated.

We are now learning that every thing Cruz presents needs to be lifted up and looked under, as well as shaken up to see what might fall out or crawl out because he sure isn’t going to tell you.

In a nut shell Ted Cruz’s Federal Education “Choice” is a deceptive term that really means your choice to home school will now fall under the classification of “private school” with all the Federal bells and whistles tacked on the end, including the United Nations mandates of cooperation for world education. (more on that later)

Now that we are aware of how Rafael Cruz always announces his seedy hidden agenda programs as though they each were the staff of life….we know how to read between the lines. But in his case we now know to always check the amendments he tags on to the end at the last minute. 


“The rich and middle class have had school choice from the beginning of time,” said Sen. Cruz. “This fight is about ensuring that every child, regardless of race, ethnicity, or zip code has the same opportunity to choose the school that best fits their needs and will help them achieve their very best. I am proud to work with Sen. Lee and Congressman Messer on this legislation to give more and more kids hope and opportunity for a better life.”

The Enhancing Educational Opportunities for All Act would:

  • Allow Title I funds to follow low-income students to any public or private school of their choice.
  • Remove contribution limitations on Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, the lone tax break available to parents for K-12 expenses.
  • Expand “529” Savings Accounts to cover K-12 elementary and secondary education expenses, giving families yet another option to pay for K-12 educational expenses.

Sounds good, but by now most all are aware of how Rafael Cruz always announces his seedy hidden agenda programs as though they were each the staff of life. We all now know we must read between the lines, and when it’s a bill, we must always check every word and the amendments he tags on at the end.

Now please remember last October Cruz said in an interview on Beck’s The Blaze, “I’m not remotely pushing for homeschool to be reclassified in any way, shape or form.” If this is so Cruz, why didn’t you explain about Title 1 funding?

I’ll explain it.

In an amendment at the end of the bill Cruz attaches S 306, Section I, Title I Portability under ESEA are state plans for standards, testing, and accountability which is referenced in Sen. Ted Cruz’s bill. A Title I child accepting funds to implement a federal education program is considered a recipient of federal financial assistance. (This will effectually mandate Common Core to every private school accepting the enrolled Title I funded portability child and any child home schooled.) So now how do you like his Title 1?

Read the entire bill and the amendments made by Cruz here:https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/114/s306/tex

With the additional proposed Bill, S 306, Cruz forms a tight fist of Federal control over all private, religious, and homeschools, and dictates Common Core Equitably to ALL schools in America .

But, when you read what is stated on Sen. Ted Cruz’s website, as always, he paints a different picture:

Sen. Cruz Joins as Lead Cosponsor of Messer-Lee-Cruz Bill to Expand School Choice EVERY CHILD MUST HAVE HOPE AND OPPORTUNITY FOR A BETTER LIFE.

January 29, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today joined as lead cosponsor of the Enhancing Educational Opportunities for All Act, which was introduced by Sen. Mike Lee, R-Ut….

“The rich and middle class have had school choice from the beginning of time,” said Sen. Cruz. “This fight is about ensuring that every child, regardless of race, ethnicity, or zip code has the same opportunity to choose the school that best fits their needs and will help them achieve their very best. I am proud to work with Sen. Lee and Congressman Messer on this legislation to give more and more kids hope and opportunity for a better life.” 

The Enhancing Educational Opportunities for All Act would: 

  • Allow Title I funds to follow low-income students to any public or private school of their choice.
  • Remove contribution limitations on Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, the lone tax break available to parents for K-12 expenses.
  • Expand “529” Savings Accounts to cover K-12 elementary and secondary education expenses, giving families yet another option to pay for K-12 educational expenses.

Cruz’s interest in education equality are the same goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals for education for the 21stcentury. (Agenda 21).  The original bill by Messer did not have the mandates, Cruz added to it. It seems Cruz has a pattern of eyeing others work and adding his poison pen ink at the end.  Either to make an awful thing pass, or kill a good thing.  What else could you call it?

His tight control over what is taught at home and in all schools, religious, private, public are in lock step with the US participation Obama has linked America to as a member state to serve as ‘Champion Countries’ for GEFI. Their role is to catalyze political and financial support for education among governments.http://globaleducationfirst.org/memberstatechampions.html

The Youth Advocacy Group (YAG), comprised of young people from around the world, promotes the priorities of youth and GEFI activities and messages.

As the GEFI Secretariat, UNESCO provides overall support to the Initiative

“The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create. If we want America to lead in the 21st century, nothing is more important than giving everyone the best education possible – from the day they start preschool to the day they start their career.”  –  President Barack Obama


As a Champion Country for the Global Education First Initiative (GEFI), the United States puts education at the top of the public agenda, to advance quality education for all as a driver for socio-economic opportunity, peace and security. It joins other governments and partners to promote strategic investment in education, expand the use of educational technologies, and drive initiatives that enhance global citizenship.

In order to bring the world together under one umbrella, the agenda is to start with our youth at home and insure they all learn the same things and above all learn not to question and only to memorize what they are supposed to be taught. Yes it does sound a lot like a brave new world, but isn’t that what globalist are creating?

Well, here is the proof in the pudding, so to speak for we see President Obama’s Equity Plan called for each and every child: A STRATEGY FOR EDUCATION EQUITY AND EXCELLENCE. See Link:  http://www2.ed.gov/about/bdscomm/list/eec/equity-excellence-commission-report.pdf

“The time has come for bold action by the states—and the federal government—to redesign and reform the funding of our nation’s public schools. Achieving equity and excellence requires sufficient resources that are distributed based on student need, not zip code, and that are efficiently used.” – President Obama

The World Bank’s new Education Strategy lays out a ten-year agenda focused on the crucial goal of “learning for all”. (yes you heard that right), World Bank is also involved in your educational goals America. Think Goldman’s Robert Zolieck, former head of World Bank, who Heidi Cruz was his Special Assistant when he was Ambassador Trade Representative in the Bush Administration, and her boss at Goldman Sachs. The bottom line: Invest early, invest smartly, and invest for all. The strategy draws on consultations with governments, development partners, students, teachers, researchers, civil society, and business representatives from more than 100 countries.

To the UN youth are a resource to be harnessed. So they can build their empires and have their labor force. A happy labor force.

Where this all sounds very good….the danger is in mandates, control, and human herding, i.e.: Creating a world of memorizers – not thinkers. Government control over the minds of our children directed and controlled from the cradle to the grave is not a better world. It is a world of worker bees for those who allow themselves to think….and not be categorized among those who are only allowed to memorize. Mainly two class distinctions. Those who are of privilege and allowed to think, and those who are human functionality task performers only allowed to memorize that which shall enhance their assigned careers.

For those who are not aware, the United Nations is now in charge of all textbooks for every nations educational system, class room and online, including the United States. McGraw Hill is the writer for the New World Order Educational system.  https://www.mhfi.com/corporate-responsibility


The United States is also a contributor and Board Member of the Global Partnership for Education and the OECD DAC, actively promoting aid effectiveness in education and playing a role in the monitoring and evaluation process. The world is all learning the exact same thing and following along in the exact program to direct the masses.

Which brings us full circle back to Cruz and his marvelous bill “Enhancing Educational Opportunities for all Students Act”.

“Accordingly, this commission believes the time has come for bold action by the states—and the federal government—to redesign and reform the funding of our nation’s public schools.

…and develops mechanisms that allow the federal government to MONITORand ENFORCE the ongoing performance of its new equity and excellence investments to make sure those investments are, in fact, enhancing student achievement.”- Senator Ted Cruz 

In closing I have one final thing to say. It is much easier to screw over America and deceptively push a globalist agenda when you are foreign born and have desired to rule the world from your youth, than if you are a natural born citizen.

Dianne Marshall


Excellent FREE programs for learning foreign languages!

Our family has taken an interest in learning Spanish and Hebrew.  We have found a great FREE program that offers a unique platform for training students in the language.

For Spanish we use Duolingo – you can earn “lingots” which will allow you to increase your level by cashing them in the virtual store and helping you in the lesson.  They do offer a wide variety of language choices and they also give you the option to request more.


For Hebrew we use Hebrewpod101 – they have a lot of free lessons to get you started in practicing your numbers and alphabet, (some of these are only 3 minutes long!). They do have a wide variety of videos available for free on youtube as well!  If you do wish to purchase a membership, the most basic one is only $4/month!!


Please feel free to share any other programs that you have tried and would recommend for others to use!

Parents please homeschool your children!

For almost 20 years I have been advocating for the disbanding of public schools and recommending home school. Yes, the public schools can teach the basics but in addition to those basics is a curriculum full of embracing socialism, sex before marriage (as well as alternative sex), homosexuality is encouraged, secular music, secular and pagan holidays, and recently encouragement of pagan religions.

If your child is in a public school, pull him or her out immediately!

Here is the fruit of a public school education and the last straw, as far as i’m concerned, for them to have any redeeming qualities…

Annie Langston couldn’t believe the school assignment her 14-year-old daughter Mikalia brought home, so she wrote a letter to she teacher and the principal…

Please consider homeschooling your children!!!


With so many changes going on in the schools, from religious to safety concerns, the education system is no longer concerned about training young adults to be entrepreneurs they are more interested in everyone following the customs and rules they are pushing for the day.

If you are concerned about your own education and whether you have been trained enough to give your child a quality academic upbringing, please let me assure that with so many curriculum’s on the market there is something for use for each of your children.  One program might not work for all your children, you can mix and match or coordinate a program that will help further your child’s career goals. I have had to switch out my programs as each one of my children got older in order to accommodate their needs.

Another concern for parents is that one or both of them have to work, my husband and I made the choice when our children were small that WE would be responsible for their education and well-being and not turn them over to someone else.  I have taken on jobs that require me to work overnights or even just an evening job in order that one of us was around.  It is not easy but well worth the sacrifices!

Please parents, really consider educating your children yourself.  Don’t rely on others to instill values and morals that only you can share with them.  You only have them for a short time!!!

Homeschool Exempt from New Vaccination Law

“If you haven’t heard, this was the latest news on the vaccination law and it’s affects in California, although you may not reside in California many times they will “bleed” and become standards in the state you are living in.”  

Homeschools Exempt from New Vaccination Law

Homeschooling in California.

HSLDA stands ready to protect your group members.

HSLDA PresidentMike Smith has been an advocate for homeschooling for more than 30 years.

Dear Group Leaders:

As you probably know by now, parental rights suffered a major setback yesterday when Governor Brown signed into law the mandatory vaccination bill that eliminated the personal beliefs exemption.

The only exemption left for the majority of the people in California is the medical exemption which is like not having any exemption at all. However, the good news is home-based private schools (homeschools) are excluded from this requirement as well as public school independent study programs that do not offer classroom-based instruction.

The classroom-based instruction limitation only applies to the public school independent study programs. If you run a PSP, you can continue operating the way you have. The law does not go into effect until the 2016–17 school year.

We are very concerned about the direction California is going, but G-d intervened at this time to protect homeschooling. It is a privilege to serve you at HSLDA, and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Mike Smith

Mike Smith

President, HSLDA

180+ Schools that do NOT require ACT or SAT for admissions

180+ Schools that do NOT require ACT or SAT for admissions

George Washington University in the Washington, D.C. is the newest major school to drop its requirement that most freshman applicants must submit SAT or ACT test scores for admissions purposes, according to this story by my Post colleague Nick Anderson, joining a list of more than 850 accredited, bachelor-degree granting schools (out of about 3,000 in the United States).

Of that group, some schools don’t require any students to submit scores, others exempt those students with specific GPA and class rank statistics, and still others require the test scores for the purposes of class placement or other non-admissions reasons.

[George Washington University applicants no longer need to take admissions tests]

Here is a list of 181 leading colleges and universities that have changed their requirements on submitting ACT and SAT college admissions test scores. The number next to the schools refers to their rank on the U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges Guide (2015 Edition)

This list was compiled and is maintained by the National Center for Fair and Open Testing, known as FairTest, a non-profit that works to prevent misuse and abuse of standardized tests. Its Web site has a lot of information on the SAT and ACT as well as on standardized testing in general. FairTest Public Education Director Bob Schaeffer said that growing number of test-optional schools “recognizes that no test—not the SAT, old or new, nor the ACT – is needed for high-quality admissions.”

And here is an analysis of the schools by Anderson.
National Liberal Arts College

5. Bowdoin College (ME)
7. Middlebury College (VT) “Test Flexible”
15. Colby College (ME) “Test Flexible”
15. Hamilton College (NY) “Test Flexible”
15. Wesleyan University (CT)
19. Bates College (ME)
19. Smith College (MA)
27. Bryn Mawr (PA)
27. Colorado College (CO) “Test Flexible”
34. College of the Holy Cross (MA)
35. Pitzer College (CA)
37. Dickinson College (PA)
37. Franklin and Marshall College (PA)
41. Mount Holyoke College (MA)
41. Union College (NY)
45. Bard College (NY)
45. Connecticut College (CT)
45. Sewanee — The University of the South (TN)
45. Trinity College (CT) “Test Flexible”
50. Gettysburg College (PA)
51. Denison University (OH)
51. Furman University (SC)
56. St. John’s College (MD)
56. St. Lawrence University (NY)
59. Lawrence University (WI)
59. Sarah Lawrence College (NY)
61. Beloit College (WI)
61. Hobart and William Smith Colleges (NY)
64. Gustavus Adolphus (MN)
64. Kalamazoo College (MI).
64. Muhlenberg College (PA)
69. Wheaton College (MA)
73. Agnes Scott College (GA)
73. Earlham College (IN)
77. Lewis and Clark (OR)
81. Allegheny College (PA)
81. Knox College (IL)
81. Transylvania University (KY)
81. University of Puget Sound (WA)
89. Bennington College (VT)
89. St. John’s College (NM)
96. Washington & Jefferson College (PA)
99. College of the Atlantic (ME)
99. Drew University (NJ)
99. Ohio Wesleyan (OH)
99. St. Michael’s College (VT)
105. Augustana College (IL)
105. Goucher College (MD)
105. Juniata College (PA)
105. Stonehill College (MA)
105. Washington College (MD)
113. Siena College (NY)
116 Susquehanna University (PA)
120. Lake Forest College (IL)
120. St. Anselm College (NH)
124. Presbyterian College (SC)
129. McDaniel College (MD)
139. Wittenberg University (OH)
155. Illinois College (IL)
155. William Jewell College (MO)
159. Lycoming College (PA)
165. Hartwick College (NY)
165. Warren Wilson College (NC)
172. Guilford College (NC)
177. Albright College (PA)

National Universities

27. Wake Forest University (NC)
32. New York University (NY) “Test Flexible”
33. University of Rochester (NY) “Test Flexible”
35. Brandeis University (MA)
53. Univ. of Texas – Austin (TX) “Top 8%”
54. George Washington University
68. Texas A & M (TX) “Top 10%”
68. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA)
71. American University (DC)
76. Clark University (MA)
116. Duquesne University (PA)
121. DePaul University (IL)
121. Temple University (PA)
121. University of Arizona (AZ)
129. Arizona State University (AZ)
135. Hofstra University (NY)
135. New School (NY)
138. George Mason University (VA)
142. Kansas State University (KS)
145. Univ. of Texas – Dallas (TX) “Top 15%”
149. University of Mississippi (MS)
156. Virginia Commonwealth University (VA)
194. University of Nevada – Reno (NV

Regional Universities – North
2. Providence College (RI)
3. College of New Jersey (NJ)
3. Fairfield University (CT)
3. Loyola University (MD)
7. University of Scranton (PA)
9. Ithaca College (NY)
11. Bryant University (RI)
11. Marist College (NY)
11. Saint Joseph’s University (PA)
19. Le Moyne College (NY)
19. Rowan University (NJ)
28. Wagner College (NY)
31. Assumption College (MA)
31. Hood College (MD)
31. Nazareth College (NY)
38. Sacred Heart University (CT)
41. College of Saint Rose (NY)
41. King’s College (PA)
41. Roger Williams University (RI)
50. Montclair State University (NJ)
50. Salve Regina University (RI)
56. Chatham University (PA)
56. Mercyhurst University (PA)
60. Emmanuel College (MA)
65. Johnson and Wales University (RI)
65. Salisbury University (MD)
83. Manhattanville College (NY)
87. SUNY Potsdam (NY)
87. The Sage Colleges (NY)
103. Eastern Connecticut State University (CT)
103. Plymouth State University (NH)
120. Utica College (NY)
125. Keuka College (NY)
135. Cabrini College (PA)

Regional Universities — South
2. Rollins College (FL)
6. Stetson University (FL)
13. University of Mary Washingotn (VA)
17. Christopher Newport University (VA)
18. Hampton University (VA)
34. Radford University (VA)
65. St. Leo University (FL)
65. St. Thomas University (FL)

Regional Universities – Midwest
3. Drake University (IA)
14. Baldwin-Wallace College (OH)
48. University of Wisconsin –Whitewater (WI)
80. Northwest Missouri State University (MO)
80. Robert Morris University (IL)
84. Wayne State College (NE)

Regional Universities – West
9. Whitworth University (WA)
35. California State Univ. – Chico (CA)
38. San Jose State University (CA)
40. California State Univ. – Fullerton (CA)
43. Sonoma State University (CA)
46. California State Univ. – Fresno (CA)
55. California State Univ. – Stanislaus (CA)
58. California State Univ. – Sacramento (CA)
58. Humboldt State University (CA)
58. San Francisco State University (CA)
58. Walla Walla University (WA)
66. California State Univ. – San Bernadino (CA)
68. California State Univ. – Monterey Bay (CA)
68. California State Univ. – Northridge (CA)
68. University of Alaska – Anchorage (AK)
68. Weber State University (UT)
75. California State Univ. – Channel Islands (CA)
80. California State Univ. – Bakersfield (CA)
80. Hawaii Pacific University (HI)
84. California State Univ. – Los Angeles (CA)
84. California State Univ. – San Marcos (CA)
84. Western Oregon University (OR)

Regional Colleges – North
4. Elizabethtown College (PA)
6. Lebanon Valley College (PA)
7. University of Scranton (PA)
9. Merrimack College (MA)
12. Bard College at Simon’s Rock (MA)
17. Wilson College (PA)
18. University of Maine – Farmington (ME)
24. Cazenovia College (NY)
26. Dean College (MA)
28. Pennsylvania College of Technology (PA)
31. Unity College (ME)
33. SUNY College of Technology – Delhi (NY)
37. University of Maine – Fort Kent (ME)
40. Nichols College (MA)
46. University of Maine – Presque Isle (ME)
46. Washington Adventist University (MD)
Regional Colleges – South
16. Catawba College (NC)
37. Belmont Abbey College (NC)
40. Keiser University (FL)
54. Lees-McRae College (NC)
64. Indian River State College (FL)
70. Everglades University (FL)

Regional Colleges – Midwest
47. Olivet College (MI)
64. Dunwoody College of Technology (MN)

Regional Colleges — West
6. Oklahoma Wesleyan University (OK)
25. St. Gregory’s University (OK)