Some things I learned in homeschool my children!!

I have recently had the intense privilege in my state to home-school my children through high school.  The last child to complete her studies is now starting the entrance for the upcoming college courses.  There are several things that I have learned over the years in this endeavor:

  1. Join the local homeschooling group for activities and support
  2. I highly recommend joining the HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association)
  3. Make sure to KNOW for your state regarding how many hours and curriculum that your state requires for completing work.
  4. You do not have to resort to the GED for your child to graduate their studies.
  5. Be a part of the lobbying groups for your state
  6. Not all curriculum is beneficial for each child, you may need to adjust your curriculum to suite each child’s academic needs.
  7. Homeschooling does NOT mean that your child needs to sit indoors all day working at a desk in order to be considered homeschooling.  Hours and studies can be adjusted to your family’s needs.

    I am so glad to that my husband and I decided to home-school our children.  They have turned out to be very wise individuals who are knowledgeable and social.  We have been able to schedule our schooling to our families needs and still come out strong.

    In light of the recent activities going on in the public school systems that are against our beliefs and moral standards I STRONGLY recommend homeschooling your children.  If you are concerned about your educational abilities just remember there are MANY resources available now for parents to assist you in your “classroom”.   If you wish to delve into a subject in more depth than what the public system would do you have that option.

    Stay tuned as we start a series on beginning the home-school process for your school-age children.

Should you homeschool?

Another school year has started and for many the choice might be to just send your child to school and not deal with the hassle of perusing through curriculum choices, work schedules, time management, etc., to decide the best option for schooling your children. There are so many options to pick from so the easiest solution may be to forgo the task.

I am pleading with parents reading this blog to really pray and consider your decision to NOT be a part of your child’s academic and social instructions.  When our children were little my husband and I made the decision that we would always be a part of our children’s life and not send them off to others for care and education.

Many of the teachings being done in schools are no longer about getting the best education that you need but to indoctrinate the upcoming generation to the new social norms. This is becoming evident in the new “common core” restrictions and and what is “allowed” to be taught to your children. Did certain events in history really happen or were they just grand elusions?

I am enclosing an article for those who did not see it on my social media page. There are many tax breaks and grant money that the schools obtain when they are aware of how many children are in your area, even if your children do not attend the school as long as they know about them and you dutifully report to the school your information they receive the money. If you do comply with the requests there shouldn’t be any problems right?  Wrong…..

I hope that although the decision might be hard to make, that the efforts are definitely worth it.  I have used workbooks, put together my own curriculum to now I use a curriculum software called “Switched on Schoolhouse”.  All schoolwork has been made up and can be easily graded but as the Teacher I can put in another curriculum if I want to or take out materials that are repeats.

Overall homeschooling your child is a very rewarding job! You know that your children are getting the best education that you can give them without compromising your moral, religious and social beliefs.  If you do end up complying or even over-complying with the schools in your area to provide information that has not been requested then the likelihood of more involvement and dictation on what you can/can not teach your children will become the norm.  For example: the law which passed stating that if you receive government assistance with programs then they at a later time can dictate what your lessons plans involve and punish those who are teaching academics beyond their permission.

For many centuries parents have educated their children.  You are capable and smart enough to educate your child, don’t believe in the lies that you lack the necessary tools to be a homeschooling parent.

Have a great school year!

US House Bill HR 610 Update

This is a corrected version of the email “US House Bill HR 610 – FHE and HSLDA message”. Thank you for your patience with FHE.

FHE desires to keep our membership informed concerning homeschool issues in Missouri and in Washington D.C. Therefore FHE is passing along this message from HSLDA concerning US Congress Bill HR 610: “4 Ways That HR 610 Will Threaten Your Rights”

Please read the HSLDA message below for details and how you can help.

The bill sponsors are homeschool friendly, but they do not understand the dangers it will present to homeschools.  Government money always has strings attached. Homeschooling has succeeded over the years because we have the freedom to tailor our children’s education to the needs of each individual child. If you agree with the need to keep home education free from government interference, HSLDA is suggesting you write a courteous letter to the following US Representatives who are the bill sponsors.

Congressman Steve King
2210 Rayburn Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Congressman Andy Harris
1533 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515

Congressman Pete Olson
2133 Rayburn Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

HSLDA Message:

4 Ways That HR 610 Will Threaten Your Rights
William A. Estrada, Esq.
Director of Federal Relations

It has been said that there is no such thing as a free lunch. As homeschooling families know too well, government money will eventually lead to government control.

That’s why HSLDA is opposing a bill introduced by our friends in Congress, Rep. Steve King (IA), Rep. Andy Harris (MD), and Rep. Pete Olson (TX). Though well-intentioned, H.R. 610 is ultimately ill-advised. The bill calls for sending all federal education dollars to the states in the forms of federal grants so that the states can then give the money as vouchers to public, private, and homeschool students.

If the bill only applied to public schools and traditional brick-and-mortar private schools, HSLDA would take no official position on it. There is no question that many millions of children are stuck in public schools that fail to meet their needs, and school choice would be an incredible benefit to them.

But HSLDA has repeatedly told our friends on Capitol Hill that our members and many other homeschooling families know that government dollars will eventually result in government regulation. Although we are grateful for our friends on Capitol Hill, and although we know that representatives King, Olson, and Harris are well-intentioned, they need to hear loud and clear from the homeschool community. Even though the vouchers created by H.R. 610 would be voluntary, we believe that this would be a slippery slope toward more federal involvement and control in homeschooling.

If you do not want federal government “help,” if you just want to be left alone, this is the time to speak up.

Dangers of H.R. 610 (click here to read a PDF version of the bill with page numbers cited below).

  1. Elimination of language protecting homeschool freedom in U.S. Code: Page 2, paragraph (a) repeals in its entirety the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, which was most recently reauthorized as the Every Student Succeeds Act. While HSLDA applauds this repeal language, as we believe that the federal government has no constitutional authority to make education decisions which should be left to state and local authorities, this full repeal would also eliminate HSLDA’s language fully protecting homeschool freedom from all federal control.
  2. Creation of a “federal right to homeschool:” Page 3, Sec. 104 requires states to make certain assurances in order to receive their portion of federal education dollars. One of the requirements (paragraph (2)(A) on page 3) is that states “make it lawful for parents of an eligible child to elect … to home-school their child.” While this sounds good, HSLDA has fought — successfully—for decades to make sure that there is no “federal right to homeschool” because what could be created by a favorable Congress could be regulated by a future, hostile Congress. It is far better (and far more constitutionally sound) for education decisions—and homeschool freedom—to be protected at the state level. We ask our friends at the federal level to simply leave homeschooling families alone. The Constitution protects the right of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children, as the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in its seminal cases of MeyerPierce, and Yoder. Federal legislation to “protect” homeschooling is unnecessary.
  3. States would need to track homeschooling students: Numerous provisions in H.R. 610 require states to count the number of eligible students in their state. Page 4 says “The State shall distribute funds . . . based on the number of eligible children in the public schools . . . and . . . the number of eligible children . . . whose parents elect to send their child to a private school or to home-school their child.” Page 5 requires “on an annual basis” that school districts count the number of eligible students who attend public schools, and “whose parents elect—to send their child to a private school or to home-school their child.” There is only one way that states and school districts can do this: by requiring homeschooling families to register with them, and be tracked by the school district. This will be especially problematic in states that do not require homeschooling families to file a notice of intent with the local school district. H.R. 610 will require homeschooling families in all 50 states to register with the local school district. This would be just the first cost of “free government money.”
  4. The government would now get to decide how much parents should spend on homeschooling: Paragraph (B) on page 6 requires that the federal education vouchers to parents who choose a homeschool “shall not exceed the cost of home-schooling the child.” Who will now decide how much it costs to homeschool a child? The government. Page 8 further requires that the federal education vouchers “be distributed in a manner so as to ensure that such payments will be used for appropriate educational expenses.” This is not defined, meaning that government officials and public schools will decide what qualifies as an appropriate educational expense. HSLDA has heard over the course of 33 years from numerous parents who have elected to teach their children at home through a government-funded virtual or correspondence school. In their experience, they found their curriculum options shrunk as each choice had to pass a government litmus test.

Action Request: Call Congress Now!

At this point, it is only necessary to contact these sponsors of this bill, Representatives KingHarris, and Olson.

If one of these is your U.S. representative, please call or email him, and politely ask him to take homeschooling families out of the bill, including homeschooling families who are defined by their state’s education law as private school students.

(Note: While Rep. Trent Franks (AZ) is also listed as a cosponsor of H.R. 610, we talked with him and his staff and they agree with our concerns about homeschooling families being included in H.R. 610. As a result, there is no need to contact his office, and we are deeply grateful to him for his commitment to protecting homeschool freedom from “help” by the federal government. Here is the statement Franks gave us: “I understand the concerns of the homeschool community. My support for the bill only extends to vouchers for public school and private school students. If this bill moves forward, I would request that any language that would impose vouchers upon homeschools is taken out.”)
Please remember that these congressmen are friends of homeschooling, and that their bill is well-intentioned, while ultimately dangerous. We encourage you to identify yourself as a homeschooling parent.

Your message can be as simple as the following:

“As a homeschooling parent, I oppose H.R. 610. I do not want to receive federal vouchers. Government money will ultimately lead to government control and regulation, which will stifle the success of homeschooling. I am grateful for your past support of homeschool freedom, and urge that you protect the future of homeschooling by rewriting H.R. 610 to ensure that homeschools, and homeschools defined by state laws as private schools, do not receive federal money.”

You can reach these congressmen by calling the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121. If one of these members of Congress represents you, you can find his direct phone numbers and email addresses here.
If you live outside of these districts, we encourage you to take to social media to politely (but firmly) remind these congressmen that homeschooling families do not want federal vouchers. You can also send each congressman a letter via the U.S. Postal Service.

HSLDA opposes H.R. 610 for reasons of prudence and principle.

Once homeschools become publicly funded by the federal government, more scrutiny and more control are likely to follow. After all, homeschooling families will be spending government money, and the Congress has a responsibility to guard the public fisc.

On principle, homeschooling has succeeded as a movement in part by being different. Unlike typical constituencies asking for our piece of the public-money pie, we have simply asked the federal government to leave us alone. This has fostered one of the most dynamic social movements of our lifetime.

The spirit of self-government at the heart of private homeschooling has led to a vibrant social network of small groups and statewide groups who depend on each other—not on the government. The homeschool movement has been a better idea because we built it ourselves.
Routinely taking federal tax dollars will enervate the movement, lead to more squabbles between families and the state, and will result in more scrutiny, oversight, and control.

Thank you for standing with us for liberty as together, we fight to keep homeschooling free.

HSLDA defends Missouri homeschool family!

Judge must answer to Supreme Court

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends

On April 5, 2016, the Supreme Court of Missouri asked Circuit Court Judge R. Craig Carter’s lawyer to respond to HSLDA’s petition, in which we asked the Court to halt a hearing in “truancy court.” The high court gave Judge Carter until 4:30 p.m. on Monday, April 11, to respond.

HSLDA filed the petition on the morning of April 1, 2016 on behalf of a family who had received a summons to “truancy court” because they had withdrawn their 6- and 8-year-old children from the Ava public schools. We learned that so-called “truancy courts” are not really courts at all; it is a term used around the state for voluntary diversion programs designed to keep kids in school without formally prosecuting them.

But this family received a formal-looking “summons” that even I, an experienced homeschool lawyer, originally believed to be legitimate. The “summons” threatened to take legal custody of the children if the parents didn’t show up.


Donate to the Homeschool Freedom Fund

At 10 p.m. EDT on Friday, April 1, we learned that the Court of Appeals had denied our petition. The next morning, we electronically filed the same petition in the Supreme Court of Missouri, asking it to halt the Monday morning hearing. We also asked the Court to put a stop to the local policy of “summoning” parents who withdraw their children from public school to homeschool them.

We showed the Court a Missouri statute which says that “a declaration of enrollment to provide a home school shall not be cause to investigate violations of section 167.031 (compulsory attendance).” In other words, “the ‘summons’ to truancy court is not only in excess of the court’s jurisdiction; the ‘policy’ that animates it was anticipated by the Legislature and has been expressly forbidden.”

HSLDA Senior Counsel Scott Woodruff flew to Missouri on Sunday to appear for the family on Monday morning. As Woodruff waited outside the courtroom, Judge Carter came out and said that the Supreme Court had called him that morning and that the hearing was “continued” (postponed indefinitely).

On Tuesday afternoon, a Springfield law firm notified the Supreme Court that it represented Judge Carter. A few hours later, the Supreme Court requested Judge Carter’s lawyer to respond to the petition by next Monday.

We will continue to keep you posted as this case unfolds. Thank you for your support.


Jim Mason
Vice President for Litigation and Development


Attn Missouri: Your calls worked!!

This bill is no longer on the schedule to be heard!!!

HB 2336
Prohibits the issuance of a driver’s license or temporary permit to any person 15 to 18 years of age if a school submits information that the student is not in compliance with the eligibility standards
Sponsor: Peters, Joshua (076)
Proposed Effective Date: 1/1/2017
LR Number: 6083H.01I
Last Action: 02/15/2016 – Public Hearing Scheduled, Bill not Heard (H)
Bill String: HB 2336
Next Hearing: Hearing not scheduled
Calendar: Bill currently not on a House calendar
Bill Summaries

Introduced (PDF)

Bill Text

Introduced (PDF)

Amendments ( Expand )

3/8/2016 9:04:04 PM

Missouri Residents Call to Action!!!

All Missouri residents please be aware!!!:

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 – Call your Missouri State Representative:

 Action Needed: Call your Missouri state representative asking him/her to oppose HB 2336, Show Me Good Grades Act, sponsored by Representative Joshua Peters.

Look up your Representative:

Bill Activity History – HB 2336

1/21/16 Introduced and Read First Time

1/25/16 Read Second Time

2/10/16 referred to Special Committee on Urban Issues (H)

2/15/16 Special Committee on Urban Issues – Did not hear

2/22/16 –Special Committee on Urban Issues –  Hearing scheduled for Monday, February 22nd

HB 2336, Show Me Good Grades would give the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) authority over all Missouri students applying for a Missouri driver license by setting grade qualifications which would be required in order for a 15-18 year old student to apply for an operator’s license or permit.

This would put home schoolers in a precarious position. DESE’s authority should remain limited to public education only. They should not be granted authority or control over nonpublic students or who can have driving privileges.


Al and Sheryl Schmidt for the FHE Board

More Proposed Control of homeschooling or a good cause?

This was brought to my attention recently.  Please read and be aware of proposed changes that could go into effect, if passed !!

Cruz legislation Attacks Home Schooling – In Lockstep With United Nations One World Education!

Senator Cruz is at it again saying one thing and pushing a secret agenda. This time it involves you and your kids. His Proposed Bill, S306 “Enhancing Educational Opportunities for all Students Act” offers what is called Title 1 Money to all parents who home school. What he isn’t telling you is – all Title 1 Money comes with a string attached….that string is Federal Control over your choice in how your child is educated.

We are now learning that every thing Cruz presents needs to be lifted up and looked under, as well as shaken up to see what might fall out or crawl out because he sure isn’t going to tell you.

In a nut shell Ted Cruz’s Federal Education “Choice” is a deceptive term that really means your choice to home school will now fall under the classification of “private school” with all the Federal bells and whistles tacked on the end, including the United Nations mandates of cooperation for world education. (more on that later)

Now that we are aware of how Rafael Cruz always announces his seedy hidden agenda programs as though they each were the staff of life….we know how to read between the lines. But in his case we now know to always check the amendments he tags on to the end at the last minute. 


“The rich and middle class have had school choice from the beginning of time,” said Sen. Cruz. “This fight is about ensuring that every child, regardless of race, ethnicity, or zip code has the same opportunity to choose the school that best fits their needs and will help them achieve their very best. I am proud to work with Sen. Lee and Congressman Messer on this legislation to give more and more kids hope and opportunity for a better life.”

The Enhancing Educational Opportunities for All Act would:

  • Allow Title I funds to follow low-income students to any public or private school of their choice.
  • Remove contribution limitations on Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, the lone tax break available to parents for K-12 expenses.
  • Expand “529” Savings Accounts to cover K-12 elementary and secondary education expenses, giving families yet another option to pay for K-12 educational expenses.

Sounds good, but by now most all are aware of how Rafael Cruz always announces his seedy hidden agenda programs as though they were each the staff of life. We all now know we must read between the lines, and when it’s a bill, we must always check every word and the amendments he tags on at the end.

Now please remember last October Cruz said in an interview on Beck’s The Blaze, “I’m not remotely pushing for homeschool to be reclassified in any way, shape or form.” If this is so Cruz, why didn’t you explain about Title 1 funding?

I’ll explain it.

In an amendment at the end of the bill Cruz attaches S 306, Section I, Title I Portability under ESEA are state plans for standards, testing, and accountability which is referenced in Sen. Ted Cruz’s bill. A Title I child accepting funds to implement a federal education program is considered a recipient of federal financial assistance. (This will effectually mandate Common Core to every private school accepting the enrolled Title I funded portability child and any child home schooled.) So now how do you like his Title 1?

Read the entire bill and the amendments made by Cruz here:

With the additional proposed Bill, S 306, Cruz forms a tight fist of Federal control over all private, religious, and homeschools, and dictates Common Core Equitably to ALL schools in America .

But, when you read what is stated on Sen. Ted Cruz’s website, as always, he paints a different picture:

Sen. Cruz Joins as Lead Cosponsor of Messer-Lee-Cruz Bill to Expand School Choice EVERY CHILD MUST HAVE HOPE AND OPPORTUNITY FOR A BETTER LIFE.

January 29, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today joined as lead cosponsor of the Enhancing Educational Opportunities for All Act, which was introduced by Sen. Mike Lee, R-Ut….

“The rich and middle class have had school choice from the beginning of time,” said Sen. Cruz. “This fight is about ensuring that every child, regardless of race, ethnicity, or zip code has the same opportunity to choose the school that best fits their needs and will help them achieve their very best. I am proud to work with Sen. Lee and Congressman Messer on this legislation to give more and more kids hope and opportunity for a better life.” 

The Enhancing Educational Opportunities for All Act would: 

  • Allow Title I funds to follow low-income students to any public or private school of their choice.
  • Remove contribution limitations on Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, the lone tax break available to parents for K-12 expenses.
  • Expand “529” Savings Accounts to cover K-12 elementary and secondary education expenses, giving families yet another option to pay for K-12 educational expenses.

Cruz’s interest in education equality are the same goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals for education for the 21stcentury. (Agenda 21).  The original bill by Messer did not have the mandates, Cruz added to it. It seems Cruz has a pattern of eyeing others work and adding his poison pen ink at the end.  Either to make an awful thing pass, or kill a good thing.  What else could you call it?

His tight control over what is taught at home and in all schools, religious, private, public are in lock step with the US participation Obama has linked America to as a member state to serve as ‘Champion Countries’ for GEFI. Their role is to catalyze political and financial support for education among governments.

The Youth Advocacy Group (YAG), comprised of young people from around the world, promotes the priorities of youth and GEFI activities and messages.

As the GEFI Secretariat, UNESCO provides overall support to the Initiative

“The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create. If we want America to lead in the 21st century, nothing is more important than giving everyone the best education possible – from the day they start preschool to the day they start their career.”  –  President Barack Obama

As a Champion Country for the Global Education First Initiative (GEFI), the United States puts education at the top of the public agenda, to advance quality education for all as a driver for socio-economic opportunity, peace and security. It joins other governments and partners to promote strategic investment in education, expand the use of educational technologies, and drive initiatives that enhance global citizenship.

In order to bring the world together under one umbrella, the agenda is to start with our youth at home and insure they all learn the same things and above all learn not to question and only to memorize what they are supposed to be taught. Yes it does sound a lot like a brave new world, but isn’t that what globalist are creating?

Well, here is the proof in the pudding, so to speak for we see President Obama’s Equity Plan called for each and every child: A STRATEGY FOR EDUCATION EQUITY AND EXCELLENCE. See Link:

“The time has come for bold action by the states—and the federal government—to redesign and reform the funding of our nation’s public schools. Achieving equity and excellence requires sufficient resources that are distributed based on student need, not zip code, and that are efficiently used.” – President Obama

The World Bank’s new Education Strategy lays out a ten-year agenda focused on the crucial goal of “learning for all”. (yes you heard that right), World Bank is also involved in your educational goals America. Think Goldman’s Robert Zolieck, former head of World Bank, who Heidi Cruz was his Special Assistant when he was Ambassador Trade Representative in the Bush Administration, and her boss at Goldman Sachs. The bottom line: Invest early, invest smartly, and invest for all. The strategy draws on consultations with governments, development partners, students, teachers, researchers, civil society, and business representatives from more than 100 countries.

To the UN youth are a resource to be harnessed. So they can build their empires and have their labor force. A happy labor force.

Where this all sounds very good….the danger is in mandates, control, and human herding, i.e.: Creating a world of memorizers – not thinkers. Government control over the minds of our children directed and controlled from the cradle to the grave is not a better world. It is a world of worker bees for those who allow themselves to think….and not be categorized among those who are only allowed to memorize. Mainly two class distinctions. Those who are of privilege and allowed to think, and those who are human functionality task performers only allowed to memorize that which shall enhance their assigned careers.

For those who are not aware, the United Nations is now in charge of all textbooks for every nations educational system, class room and online, including the United States. McGraw Hill is the writer for the New World Order Educational system.

The United States is also a contributor and Board Member of the Global Partnership for Education and the OECD DAC, actively promoting aid effectiveness in education and playing a role in the monitoring and evaluation process. The world is all learning the exact same thing and following along in the exact program to direct the masses.

Which brings us full circle back to Cruz and his marvelous bill “Enhancing Educational Opportunities for all Students Act”.

“Accordingly, this commission believes the time has come for bold action by the states—and the federal government—to redesign and reform the funding of our nation’s public schools.

…and develops mechanisms that allow the federal government to MONITORand ENFORCE the ongoing performance of its new equity and excellence investments to make sure those investments are, in fact, enhancing student achievement.”- Senator Ted Cruz 

In closing I have one final thing to say. It is much easier to screw over America and deceptively push a globalist agenda when you are foreign born and have desired to rule the world from your youth, than if you are a natural born citizen.

Dianne Marshall

Excellent FREE programs for learning foreign languages!

Our family has taken an interest in learning Spanish and Hebrew.  We have found a great FREE program that offers a unique platform for training students in the language.

For Spanish we use Duolingo – you can earn “lingots” which will allow you to increase your level by cashing them in the virtual store and helping you in the lesson.  They do offer a wide variety of language choices and they also give you the option to request more.


For Hebrew we use Hebrewpod101 – they have a lot of free lessons to get you started in practicing your numbers and alphabet, (some of these are only 3 minutes long!). They do have a wide variety of videos available for free on youtube as well!  If you do wish to purchase a membership, the most basic one is only $4/month!!


Please feel free to share any other programs that you have tried and would recommend for others to use!

Parents please homeschool your children!

For almost 20 years I have been advocating for the disbanding of public schools and recommending home school. Yes, the public schools can teach the basics but in addition to those basics is a curriculum full of embracing socialism, sex before marriage (as well as alternative sex), homosexuality is encouraged, secular music, secular and pagan holidays, and recently encouragement of pagan religions.

If your child is in a public school, pull him or her out immediately!

Here is the fruit of a public school education and the last straw, as far as i’m concerned, for them to have any redeeming qualities…

Annie Langston couldn’t believe the school assignment her 14-year-old daughter Mikalia brought home, so she wrote a letter to she teacher and the principal…

Please consider homeschooling your children!!!


With so many changes going on in the schools, from religious to safety concerns, the education system is no longer concerned about training young adults to be entrepreneurs they are more interested in everyone following the customs and rules they are pushing for the day.

If you are concerned about your own education and whether you have been trained enough to give your child a quality academic upbringing, please let me assure that with so many curriculum’s on the market there is something for use for each of your children.  One program might not work for all your children, you can mix and match or coordinate a program that will help further your child’s career goals. I have had to switch out my programs as each one of my children got older in order to accommodate their needs.

Another concern for parents is that one or both of them have to work, my husband and I made the choice when our children were small that WE would be responsible for their education and well-being and not turn them over to someone else.  I have taken on jobs that require me to work overnights or even just an evening job in order that one of us was around.  It is not easy but well worth the sacrifices!

Please parents, really consider educating your children yourself.  Don’t rely on others to instill values and morals that only you can share with them.  You only have them for a short time!!!