Common Core State Standards

I received an email about the new state law requirement regarding the new “Common Core State Standards” that are being considered and possibly implemented into our children’s education.  Whether you are homeschooling or your children attend public school these “new” standards will not become part of their education.  While the information below is for the state of Missouri please look up how it will impact where you live.

Please be informed and aware of what your children are learning:


Hello all and good morning,

I also have been watching this closely as I was heavily involved with the OBE push quite a few years back, and once I figured out what it was, I no longer supported it.

 Attached is a FAQ created by the state of Missouri about Common Core so you can go to this meeting informed to the state’s position on the matter.

 Notice on page 7, there is this statement:

 How will the Common Core State Standards impact private and parochial schools and families that home school their children?

The Common Core State Standards have been adopted by the State Board of Education for all public schools, including charter schools, in Missouri. Private and parochial schools or families that are home schooling are not required to follow the CCSS. However, some private schools have announced plans to voluntarily adopt the CCSS.

 The official Missouri Common Core page can be found here:

 Remember that once implemented, laws can always be changed to require everyone to adopt these standards, and of course if adopted, there must be state testing of teachers (us), and students to make sure we are adhering to the new common core state standards.

This is a website that contains different lists of publishers who have decided to align (or not align) with Common Core: 

From what I understand, the SAT and ACT are being aligned to the standards, so even if homeschoolers remain “exempt,” we will have to deal with this if our children decide to attend college.

I agree that it is wise to research the new system and its implications for your family, and if you feel led, it might be worth contacting your state legislator. Some states have opted not to adopt the new standards, and other states’ legislatures are considering whether or not to put a halt to Common Core’s implementation in their state.