Missouri: Attendance requested at hearing against Common Core

For all those in Missouri; your attendance is being requested at a hearing against Common Core standards.  Please see the email below:


Exec. director of Families for Home Education , FHE,  Brad Haines, and FHE lobbyist, Kerry Messer, are asking families to show up at the Senate hearing for SB 514 (see below).    A full room of opponents of Common Core (eg. supporters of the bills against CC) would be great, as there will be many “professional ed” folks who support CC.
Our FHE lobbyist hopes to testify with intent to, according to Brad, “… help legislators understand two things: why this is bad for and/or concerns home educators, and why it is bad, PERIOD.”

Hearing is scheduled for 2;30 PM in the Senate Lounge.
For updates and to check for changes, you can go to the Senate hearing schedule at the Missouri Capitol website:http://www.senate.mo.gov/hearingsschedule/hrings.htm#4
Thanks for considering this addition to your busy schedules.  Count it a valuable hour of instruction toward government and civics.  Our individual voices can make a difference — if we remain unified in our goal to protect individual liberties — and protect our ability to choose home education, also to choose curriculum that isn’t government mandated (not to mention bad).
–submitted by Mavis Dey, FHE Region 4

Committee: Education, Senator David Pearce, Chairman
Date:  Wednesday, March 26
Time:  2:30 p.m.
Room:  Senate Lounge
SB 514 – Lamping
Prohibits the State Board of Education, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and school districts from implementing the Common Core State Standards
SB 798 – Emery
Modifies provisions relating to elementary and secondary education standards and assessments
Please note the time change for the hearing.

Update: Attn Missourians: Call to stop Common Core Standards in Missouri!

For those who missed the opportunity to call it is not too late!  See the update below:

It isn’t too late– the bill was referred to the Rules Committee on the 6th, and no action has been taken on it yet.  The FHE and HLSDA e-mails explain why this is such an important issue for Missouri homeschoolers–I’m glad you’re calling your senator and representative!

Here’s the text of the bill:

161.855. Notwithstanding any other law, the state board of education shall not adopt, and the department of elementary and secondary education shall not implement, the Common Core State Standards developed by the Common Core Standards Initiative. Any actions taken to adopt or implement the Common Core State Standards as of the effective date of this section are void. Common Core State Standards or any other statewide education standards shall not be adopted or implemented without the approval of the general assembly.

A high school student speaks out against Common Core

Check out “The Blaze” for more updates:

Speaking at a local school board meeting earlier this month, a Tennessee high school senior issued a brief and incredibly insightful address on the problems with Common Core standards.

Ethan Young, a student at Farragut High School in Knox County, Tenn., made his case as to why he believes the school district should drop the new national education standards, a set of guidelines that were never voted on by Congress, the Department of Education nor by local or state governments.

(Related: Parents Fed-Up With Failing Grades Under Common Core Take Matters Into Their Own Hands)

“The president essentially bribed states into implementation via ‘Race to the Top,’ offering $4.35 billion taxpayer dollars to participating states, $500 million of which went to Tennessee,” Young said. “And much like No Child Left Behind, the program promises national testing and a one-size-fits-all education, because hey, it worked so well the first time.”

“If nothing else, these standards are a glowing conflict of interest and they lack the research they allegedly received,” he added.

Young also argued that Common Core standards display a “mistrust of teachers,” a line that prompted applause from the audience.

Tenn. High School Student Ethan Young Delivers Anti Common Core Speech

“I stand before you because I care about education, but also because I want to support my teachers,” he said. “And just as they fought for my academic achievement, so I want to fight for their ability to teach. This relationship is at the heart of instruction, yet there will never be a system by which it is accurately measured.”

The high school senior went on to argue that “standards-based education is ruining the way we teach and learn.” He also revealed that legislators and administrators have told him “that’s just the way things work.”

AT-M Ad 

Now, he’s daring to ask: “Why?”

“I’m gonna answer that question: Bureaucratic convenience,” he added. “It works with nuclear reactors, it works with business models, why can’t it work with students? I mean how convenient, calculating exactly who knows what and who needs what. I mean, why don’t we just manufacture robots instead of students? They last longer and they always do what they’re told.”

“Somewhere our Founding Fathers are turning in their graves.”


The problem is, the extremely bright student continued, “education is unlike every other bureaucratic institute in our government” because the “task of teaching is never quantifiable.”

“If everything I learn in high school is a measurable objective, I have not learned anything,” Young proclaimed. “I’d like to repeat that. If everything I learn in high school is a measurable objective, I have not learned anything.”

Government bureaucrats will never be able to measure “creativity, appreciation, inquisitiveness” but they are the “purpose of education,” he lectured.

“Somewhere our Founding Fathers are turning in their graves — pleading, screaming and trying to say to us that we teach to free minds. We teach to inspire. We teach to equip, the careers will come naturally.”

Watch Young’s entire inspiring, must-see speech below:


Recommended movie, book, and other information about common core

It was recommended by those in my homeschool group to see a movie called “IndoctriNation” with Colin Gunn.  I understand that this movie “may” be available at most libraries or can be requested if they do not carry it.  Here are some more resources for groups or organizations regarding the new “common core” requirements.

Parents/educstord against common core

Also a good website is

Theeducationalfreedomcoalition – They list what curriculums are adapting to it

Also a recommended book to read regarding “Common Core“, this is suggested from a friend:

I have been reading a book called FedEd (The New Federal Curriculum and How It’s Enforced) by Allen Quist. Has anyone read this book?  It was publish in 2002. Here are some excerpts:
The new Federal Curriculum is a politicized curriculum. Every curriculum theme in the new system of education involves political action and/or governmental restructuring. The civics and government curriculum forms the core curriculum of the entire new Federal Curriculum. Since the 1994 law, HR6, gave the Center of Civics Education (CCE) the authority to determine the national standards in civics and government.
The new textbooks and tests dealing with language arts contain large numbers of selections that are included for the purpose of teaching civics and government.
What is “civics education”? Stated Simply, civics education is education in citizenship. That is, civics deals with the relationship between citizens and government. When we evaluate the new Federal Curriculum in “civics and government,” then, we are studying those themes that are related to government in the United States and how we, as citizens, should be supporting or changing our government. The Issues of this book (FedEd) are (1) whether civics and government should be central to the entire curriculum of our schools, (2) whether the curriculum should consist of certain themes instead of academic disciplines, (3) whether the federal government should be dictating the content of this curriculum, (4) whether on NGO should have the sole authority to write this curriculum, (5) whether the content of this curriculum is defensible, and (6) how this new curriculum is being implemented.
The new Federal Curriculum has been developed to dramatically change all of American society, especially American government. It has been stated, the new Federal Curriculum is all about restructuring America. The agenda is not primarily educational, it is primarily ideological and political.
The new Federal Curriculum is to mold our children into supporters of a new system of government. Doing so requires that our children be indoctrinated into a worldview that leads to this new form of government.
On page 28 of the book, it talks about how the Federal Curriculum has no interest in informing students about the Second Amendment.
On page 32 of the book, it talks about the world wide environmental compact known as Agenda 21. It states that the media is to mobilize their experience in shaping public behavior. In other words, the media is now engaged in propaganda, not objective information. The media are now to support the new Federal Curriculum.
On page 37: The new education system has always said that it would encompass all students, including private school and home school students. On page 39, if private school and home school students are not taught the new curriculum, they will be at a substantial disadvantage when taking the important tests. The superior performance by non-public school students will come to an end because all test will be redesigned to measure only what students have learned as specified by state standards. These state standards, in turn, are closely tied to the new Federal Curriculum. The system is structured to screen out any students who have not been schooled in the new Federal Curriculum.
Is it just me or does this New Curriculum sound like it is coming from Adolf Hitler. Is this history repeating itself? Didn’t Hitler do this to the German youth. This sounds very similar to meCould home schooling soon be outlawed? I believe this Common Core is a threat to home schooling. We need to take a stand!
Here is the link to the book. I think it is under $4.
Check out this website too: www.edlibertywatch.org



New Common Core Standard “extremely serious failings”

For those who may not have heard or know much about the new “Common Core Standards” for education, this Stanford Professor has called into question the problems many of the students will have!




Aimee Herd : Sep 5, 2013 : Perry Chiaramonte – FOX News

“With the new math standard in the Common Core, there are no longer absolute truths. So 3 times 4 can now equal 11 so long as a student can effectively explain how they reached that answer.” -Glyn Wright

students With the implementation of the new Common Core curricula in America’s public schools, the case for private and homeschooling options may be stronger than ever.

When the Stanford professor tapped to provide input on the math portions refuses to sign off on it because its content is so severely lacking, it’s time to take a closer look.

The course of study in question—the Common Core State Standards initiative—was formulated by governors throughout the country, and backed by the Obama administration. Its purpose is to provide a “uniform standard for grades K-12” so all children in America can reach the same minimum level of learning, according to the FOX News report.

However, some warn that the literary classics have practically been dropped from the English section, and the math employs a kind of “anything goes” approach to answers known as “investigative math.”

The only mathematician included on the Common Core Validation Committee, according to the FOX News report, was Stanford Prof. James Milgram.

students Prof. Milgram would not sign off on the math standards, citing the input from other sources which seemed to dumb-down the standards so much that there were a “number of extremely serious failings” within the curriculum.

“A number of these sources were mainly focused on things like making the standards as non-challenging as possible,” said Milgram. “Others were focused on making sure their favorite topics were present, and handled in the way they liked.”

The Eagle Forum‘s Glyn Wright explained that “With the new math standard in the Common Core, there are no longer absolute truths. So 3 times 4 can now equal 11 so long as a student can effectively explain how they reached that answer.”

One of those supporting the curriculum, Linda Gojak—with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics—disagreed with the objections, stating that the Common Core math learning process could actually encourage critical thinking.

“The assessment is that it is more about kids making sense of what they are learning instead of memorizing a step-by-step process,” said Gojak.

Ironically—and perhaps it’s just me—the best I ever did in math is when I had a teacher who taught things “old-school,” emphasizing memorization and the rules of computation.

At any rate, parents of students attending schools using the Common Core Curriculum may want to be ready to at least supplement their child’s learning at home.

Read about some of the other aspects of Common Core by clicking Here.

Calls needed to stop Common Core initiative!!!

Call Now to Stop Federal Takeover of Missouri Education

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

Powerful forces in Washington, D.C., are seeking to centralize control over education and dictate what children in America must learn—perhaps even homeschoolers. And they are doing it through an ingenious program called “Common Core State Standards.”

Federal control over education would mean that dominant groups could force-feed children exactly the doctrine and world view they want them to believe.

If they had been transparent and simply filed a bill in Congress to empower the federal government to control the content of education, a firestorm of criticism would have doomed it. But they were clever: they offered money to state bureaucrats to do “voluntarily” what they themselves could not do without generating a nationwide outcry.

The result is that 45 states-including Missouri—took the bait, gave up the right to choose what their children would learn, and promised to create a system that would require all public children to learn exactly the same things.

This could affect homeschoolers profoundly if it is not stopped. College admissions tests are already changing to submit to Common Core. The ability to enter college or get a scholarship could one day depend on having learned the Common Core. Getting a job or getting into the military could one day depend on learning the Common Core. Even some homeschool curriculum providers have announced that their books comply with Common Core!

Once all public school children are learning exactly the same things nationwide, the path is laid to force private schools and homeschools to comply. After all, why should some non-conformists be allowed to teach their kids anything they want when “everyone” is learning Common Core? It is not unthinkable that your freedom to teach your children what you know they should learn could vanish—or it could be penalized beyond anything we might now imagine.

The federalization of education content would be a huge step toward turning the clock back and ending homeschool freedom.

And if federalization is successful, the seemingly unquenchable lust for centralization will certainly set its eyes on the next target: internationalization. And in the international arena, it’s perfectly acceptable to completely forbid homeschooling: just ask the Konrad and Romeike families from Germany or the Johansson family from Sweden.

But in Missouri, there is hope for change! Two bills are pending in the Missouri Legislature that would extract the state from Common Core: SB 210 and HB 616. They need your help!

Action Requested

Please call your Missouri state senator and your representative right away. Keep in mind that state bureaucrats joined Common Core without any approval from the Missouri Legislature. Your lawmakers are not the bad guys! But they DO have the power to solve the problem.

The message to your state senator could be as simple as “Please vote YES on SB 210. Give Missouri back the right to choose its own educational destiny.”

The message to your state representative could be as simple as “Please vote YES on HB 616. Give Missouri back the right to choose its own educational destiny.” You should feel free to develop a message that is more personal using information from this e-lert or other sources. Since this affects all parents, it is not necessary to identify yourself as a homeschooler.

Also please call your two U.S. senators (Blunt and McCaskill). Iowa’s Senator Chuck Grassley is circulating a letter for U.S. senators to sign opposing the funding of a nationalized curriculum. Your message to Senators Blunt and McCaskill can be as simple as: “Please sign onto Senator Grassley’s letter urging Congress to defund the Common Core Curriculum Standards Initiative. The federal government should not be using taxpayer dollars to pressure the states into adopting educational goals and curriculum which should be decided by local parents, teachers, and schools.”

Contact Information

Use this link to find your Missouri state senator and representative and their contact information.

Use the link below to get contact information for U.S. senators Blunt and McCaskill: Call 202 224-3121 or visit this page to get contact information for your U.S. senators.


For an explanation of how Common Core got started, read this article by HSLDA’s Director of Federal Relations, Will Estrada.

“What if I told you that Obama’s education-policy reforms, arguably pushed through without the good graces of the law, were crippling children’s imagination, stifling their creativity and on the whole setting them up to become less moral, kind empathetic people?”Read the rest of this National Review article.

The Heritage Foundation believes Common Core decreases a student’s ability to develop analytical thinking.

This article by a former Assistant U.S. Secretary of Education under Clinton and Bush explains how federal money controlled the entire operation and how little input was received.

Implementation of Common Core in California means that bright 8th graders can no longer take Algebra I, because one set of Common Core standards is required for every grade. (California Education Code 60605.11(b)(3)). Massachusetts had to water down its math standards to comply with Common Core.

The College Board, owner of the SAT college admission test, is already changing the test to comply with Common Core.

This Cato article discusses the pressure to turn national education standards into federal education standards.

“The Common Core State Standards have no more legitimacy than the plans of your local village idiot to reform education.”

This Christian Post editorial asserts that “There is no evidence that the curriculum works, and it will destroy innovation amongst states.”

The left-leaning Brookings Institute says Common Core won’t improve the education kids get. Brookings says that neither the quality nor rigor of state standards is related to student achievement.

Although the Common Core is paraded as the work of states working together, the U.S. Department of Education is already jumping in.

In addition to an organization that controls the Common Core standards themselves, there is a group creating a national curriculum that implements the Common Core standards, and at least two groups are creating a national test that will test students on their knowledge of the Common Core standards.

A bill is pending in Iowa that will create a state panel to encourage businesses to give hiring preferences to students who earn a “certificate of competency” from their public school. While it’s difficult to tell if this is directly related to Common Core, it is a very troubling example of how state legislatures can link hiring preferences with certain preferred types of education. See p.33 starting at line 23.

Thank you for standing with us for freedom!

Sincerely Yours,
Scott A. Woodruff, Esq., Senior Counsel, HSLDA