Excellent FREE programs for learning foreign languages!

Our family has taken an interest in learning Spanish and Hebrew.  We have found a great FREE program that offers a unique platform for training students in the language.

For Spanish we use Duolingo – you can earn “lingots” which will allow you to increase your level by cashing them in the virtual store and helping you in the lesson.  They do offer a wide variety of language choices and they also give you the option to request more.


For Hebrew we use Hebrewpod101 – they have a lot of free lessons to get you started in practicing your numbers and alphabet, (some of these are only 3 minutes long!). They do have a wide variety of videos available for free on youtube as well!  If you do wish to purchase a membership, the most basic one is only $4/month!!


Please feel free to share any other programs that you have tried and would recommend for others to use!

Reminder today is the last day to download Funnix Reading for FREE!!

Today is the last day to download Funnix Reading!!  I found this program a while back and really like it for beginning reading.  Also with the download will come worksheets that can be printed out and used with the program.  This is normally a $38 program that they are offering FREE of charge with no additional costs.

Please visit www.funnix.com to download a copy today!!!

Side note: once you have downloaded a FREE copy make sure to back up the files (to disk or hard drive) because if the file is lost you will have to purchase it or wait until the next free offer. 

Enjoy! 🙂


FREE Funnix Math Program available!

I have been trying to sample this math program for awhile now but I always seem to miss the open download period.  You can download the Math program until December 15th, after that they will be offering the Reading program for FREE, starting December 16th – December 31st!!

Please visit www.funnix.com for more details.