Questions about graduating a home-schooled student

In my homeschool group the question was presented about difficulties with using a high school diploma for getting into colleges.  For our oldest who graduated from high school earlier this year we decided to give her a diploma based on recommendations from other parents.  We were told that having her take the GED could end up signifying that she had not completed school which is not true! I am going to share some of the experiences other parents shared with using a diploma that was issued by parents and NOT considered acceptable to a college due to it not coming from an accredited school!

Not only did we give our oldest a diploma but as another parents shared, my husband and I both did sign the diploma.  He was the Administrator/Principal and I am the teacher.  For our child this is acceptable for her future education but if your child is attending a college that insists on a diploma you could try one of the suggestions below and contact the “Home School Legal Defense Association” for assistance:

We just came up against this issue of the GED. My daughter wants to  apply to a private college in California and the only way, they say, they will accept her is if she takes the GED because her high school diploma doesn’t come from an accredited school. I have to admit, I’m angry. A GED means someone didn’t finish high school. Not only did she finish but she also spent her senior year at the community college and came out with a 3.8 and she took some upper level classes.

 I’m getting ready to challenge the college. Anyone have any  suggestions or experience doing this? I’m betting they have students with high school diplomas from state schools that aren’t accredited since some many across the US aren’t accredited.”
“We always recommend getting an opinion from HSLDA before going the GED route. They have worked with the military to have homeschooled students classified differently than GED holders (dropouts). They have worked with  many colleges, both public and private, to have homeschooled students evaluated on an even playing field with all other applicants. Even if you
are not a member, you can ask. The worst they could say is no, we can’t help you since you’re not a member – but sometimes they help even non-members when the issue affects their members, too.
What I have seen in the past 20+ years is when homeschoolers apply to some colleges, those colleges insist on the GED – because those colleges get money from the state for every student who goes through their GED program.
This especially happens at community colleges. Since your daughter also has a college transcript she should submit it with
her application to the private college. Then she is a transfer student and not a candidate for the GED program.”

Our family did use the Switched on Schoolhouse curriculum for their high school education classes. My oldest did have an opportunity to take some of the GED practice tests before the changeover to Common Core, so if you do decide to go with a GED please be aware that almost all (if not ALL) will be based on the new education requirements.

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